The Marrakesh Film Festival, "the only uncensored film festival in the Arab world", returns

From 11 to 19 November the event resumes its activities after two years of pandemic, to continue creating "an intercultural bridge between nations"
festival de cine de marrakech


The two-year absence of the Marrakesh International Film Festival seemed like an eternity. Now, the Festival Foundation itself announces the resumption of the event, which this year will be held from 11 to 19 November.

The Marrakesh International Film Festival (FIFM) was founded in 2001 by King Mohammed VI with the aim of "promoting and developing the art and film industry in Morocco". All of the festival's activities (competitions, conferences, workshops, etc.) are the means to create "an intercultural bridge between nations". In the presentation of this new edition of the festival after the two-year interruption due to the pandemic, the event presents itself as "the only uncensored festival in the Arab world".

festival de cine de marrakech

During these long months of confinement and restrictions, only the Ateliers de l'Atlas (Atlas Workshops) have been in operation, albeit exclusively by telematic means. Created in 2018, these workshops offer training and support, both individually and collectively, to all aspiring filmmakers of all types and lengths from both Africa and the Middle East. Candidates chosen to participate in the four-day workshop, within the festival itself, will be mentored and advised by established film industry professionals, who will help them to develop "their first, second or even third film".

Whatever the needs of each submitted and accepted project, these workshops will offer in-depth tutorials on screenwriting, financing, production, shooting and post-production. At the end of the event, these workshops will have five specific rewards: 3 for projects already in development and 2 for those already in post-production. At the same time, in order to encourage creativity, the Foundation will also organise "Cinécoles", a competition for film students in the Kingdom of Morocco.  

As for the official competition, the festival is now at the stage of receiving original entries, both feature films and documentaries and short films, before selecting the finalists in all categories, works which will be screened at the Marrakesh Festival Palace during the second week of November.