Mohammed Chukri stars in the literary activities of the month of Morocco at the Three Cultures Foundation

One of Morocco's most important authors
mohammed chukri


Since 2014, the Three Cultures Foundation has been promoting the work of Mohammed Chukri, one of the essential voices of contemporary Maghrebi literature, to whom it has not only devoted hours and hours of reading, meetings in the Foundation's club and even a round table to pay tribute to him, but who could even be seen and heard in the documentary 'Maldita calle', by Juan José Ponce, screened in 2014.

In the month of Morocco, we return with 'El pan a secas', a cult work published in 2012 by Cabaret Voltaire in the version revised by the author and translated from Arabic by Raja Boumediane El Metni.  The rawness and literary audacity of this autobiographical novel consecrated Mohammed Chukri as Morocco's greatest writer.

'El pan a secas' is being read and will be discussed in the club 'Tres con libros en casa', which meets virtually; the club 'Leila Slimani', a club of mothers interested in Mediterranean culture who meet every month to discuss a particular title; and the 'Luis Jiménez de Asúa' Social Insertion Centre, with which the Fatima Mernissi Library has been collaborating fruitfully for years.

In addition, this book is the current reading of the 'Tres con libros' club.

The Three Cultures library has a batch of 30 copies of Mohammed Chukri's trilogy: 'El pan a secas'; 'Rostros, amores y maldiciones' and 'Tiempo de errores para préstamos colectivos'.