Morocco announces a new Peacekeeping Centre

King Mohammed VI announced the creation of this body on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the Royal Armed Forces
Members of the Moroccan Army

PHOTO/ARCHIVE  -   Members of the Moroccan Army

Morocco is strengthening its commitment to peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) with the latest announcement of the creation of the Moroccan Multidisciplinary Peacekeeping Centre.

On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), King Mohammed VI, supreme commander and chief of the General Staff of the FAR, issued an order to the entire military establishment urging to reinforce Morocco's commitment to UN peace operations through the creation of the new Moroccan Peacekeeping Centre, a multidisciplinary body focused on working with the United Nations and allied countries to reinforce security and fight for the preservation of peace. 

"This commitment will be reinforced, God willing, by the creation of a multidisciplinary Moroccan Peacekeeping Centre whose mission will be to train and support national and foreign expertise, particularly on the African continent, in collaboration with the United Nations and some friendly countries, to promote the principles of international security and peace," the Alawite king said in the directive officially released and reported by the official Moroccan news agency MAP. 

Dos soldados marroquíes avanzan en un vehículo blindado
PHOTO/REUTERS - Two Moroccan soldiers advance in an armoured vehicle

"Thanks to the experience accumulated by the Royal Armed Forces, Morocco has become today an active and reliable partner in peacekeeping operations, through the participation of our units in various contingents and of our military executives in the structures of UN bodies," said the Alaouite monarch, in remarks reported by the official Moroccan news agency MAP.

"We have advocated strengthening cooperation between our Royal Armed Forces and their counterparts in brotherly and friendly countries, a choice that has yielded commendable results and contributed to the consolidation of our army's influence and its international presence, thus reinforcing its credibility and enriching its knowledge base in the service of enshrining the values of peace and security, in which we all believe, and which must prevail among Nations and Peoples," Mohammed VI added. 

Mohamed VI

In addition to this announcement focused on the external action of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, Mohammed VI also wanted to emphasise that work will continue to develop the capabilities and improve the conditions of the Moroccan Army; moreover, the North African monarch also wanted to recognise and thank the important role played by the members of the Moroccan Army and their relevant defence of national integrity. 

"In order to strengthen the defence capabilities of our army, we will continue to give priority to the plan to equip and improve the Royal Armed Forces, according to integrated programmes, based in particular on the establishment of military industries and the development of scientific research, through the signing of a series of partnerships and agreements with Moroccan research centres and universities for the implementation of projects of high technical value, with the aim of developing the self-equipment of our Armed Forces in various fields," explained the King of Morocco. 

En esta foto de archivo tomada el 9 de junio de 2021, el general de división marroquí Belkhir el-Farouk (derecha), comandante de la zona sur, y el general del Ejército estadounidense Christopher Cavoli (izquierda), comandante general del Ejército de Estados Unidos en Europa y África, inspeccionan una guardia de honor en el sureste de Marruecos
AFP/FADEL SENNA - In this file photo taken on June 9, 2021, Moroccan Major General Belkhir el-Farouk (right), commander of the southern zone, and US Army General Christopher Cavoli (left), commanding general of the US Army in Europe and Africa, inspect an honor guard in southeastern Morocco

"I would like to express to all of you, to all components, including those belonging to the land, air, naval and Royal Gendarmerie, our feelings of sympathy and satisfaction for your noble actions and immense sacrifices made to raise the flag of the homeland and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The positive results of their valuable achievements during the past year make us proud of their willingness, discipline and spirit of dedication to the service of the Fatherland. On this occasion, we would like to salute our soldiers deployed in our southern and eastern provinces, or those in charge of guarding our land, air and sea borders, with vigilance and firmness, proud of what they do to preserve the unity of the homeland and the security of citizens," Mohammed VI stressed in the official statement reported by MAP agency.