Morocco imposes customs duties on all online purchases from abroad

From 1 July
Online shopping in Morocco

PHOTO/ARCHIVE  -   Online shopping in Morocco

The Moroccan government has imposed customs duties on all electronic purchases made from international platforms, regardless of the amount, as of 1 July.

The Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) explained Friday in a statement that shipments made by some international e-commerce platforms "are in fact import operations of large quantities of goods".

Compras online en Marruecos
PHOTO/FILE - Online shopping in Morocco

"E-commerce via international platforms has recently experienced exponential growth," said the note, which added that the turnover made by these operations exceeded Dh1 billion (€94 million) in 2021.

According to the same source, these practices led to the emergence of an informal market for the resale of items purchased through these platforms through fraudulent practices such as splitting purchases between several beneficiaries even though the customer is the same person "to benefit from customs exemption and circumvent consumer protection control rules".

Una vista general muestra la frontera entre Marruecos y el enclave norteafricano de España, Melilla, en Beni Enzar, Marruecos
REUTERS/JESÚS BLASCO - A general view shows the border between Morocco and Spain's North African enclave of Melilla in Beni Enzar, Morocco

"These practices constitute unfair competition for local industry and formal trade, a loss of revenue for the state and may represent a danger to consumer health," the note explained.

The same source noted that these measures do not apply to non-commercial shipments from abroad whose value does not exceed 1,250 dirhams (118 euros).