Morocco Now's launch in India is coming up

The aim of the brand is to materialise Indian investment projects in Morocco
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The Moroccan Embassy in India has begun an official presentation that will end on 1 December to promote one of the new bets of the Alawi country. Specifically, it is the Morocco Now brand, whose mission is now to identify Indian investment projects in the Maghreb country. Conferences will be held in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. 

This promotion will consist of several meetings with Indian investors and operators, and, in turn, meetings will be held with Moroccan delegations and the most renowned Indian institutions. The director general of AMDIE (Agency for the Development of Investment and Exports), Youssef El Bari, has issued a statement saying that "Morocco and India have a very strong industrial potential and two complementary platforms. Indeed, thanks to its 54 free trade agreements, Morocco offers direct access to African, European, American and British markets, with a great capacity to react, particularly with Europe, in the image and likeness of the role played by India in Asia"

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AFP/FADEL SENNA - Car assembly line at the Renault-Nissan Tanger car assembly plant in Melloussa, in the port city of Tangier.

During Expo 2020, held in Dubai, it was the first time that the Kingdom presented this signature. It is an entity created by the Ministry of Industry and managed by AMDIE, with the intention of promoting foreign investment for the nation. Minister Youssef El Bari and Chakib El Alj, president of the Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises, were in charge of presenting it at the exhibition. One of the key points of their presentation was the proposals that were put forward. One of them is "Now Durable", one of the projects carried out by this brand that invites investors to promote industry and the green economy. At the same time, those in charge emphasised the low cost of production so that those who want to invest can carry out their activity in Morocco, pointing out that none of its neighbouring countries offer this in the same way. 

Morocco Now has several sectors on which it is targeting investors. The first is automobiles, an industry for which Morocco has been acclaimed in recent years. This sector in the Kingdom has more than 50 years of experience and started operating in the 1960s with the creation of the first assembly line. Over time it grew and gained international suppliers. Data from 2019 show that the country has earned 8.3 billion dirhams from the export business and has generated around 220,000 jobs. The second is the textile industry, which is renowned worldwide and is one of the Kingdom's key export sectors. Locally, it accounts for 12% of Morocco's exports and generates 3.6 billion dirhams in exports. This sector is taking large 'eco' alternatives that are now being developed for the benefit of the nation itself and the world. Finally, the sectors in which the brand invests and exports the most are aeronautics, outsourcing, pharmaceuticals and the agri-food industry.  

AFP PHOTO / HO / MOROCCO ROYAL PALACE - Morocco's King Mohammed VI (C) during the inauguration of a car assembly line at the PSA car assembly plant in Kenitra on June 20, 2019.

This company is characterised by a very friendly business environment, which ensures great political stability, a very resilient economy and government incentives. In order to attract investors, the brand offers large and very advanced infrastructures for the implementation of projects, with high quality when choosing the operators to work and, in addition, Morocco has a strategic position in the face of foreign markets that other countries do not have. It also has a great energy transition plan that they are trying to carry out to improve the quality of life in the Kingdom and is one of the only companies that emits the lowest carbon emissions in the world. The development and growth of Tangier Med, an industrial port, is one of the most recent investment bets of Marocco Now by which it intends to obtain a great economic growth for Morocco, in all its fields.