Morocco's order and hard work beat Luis Enrique's arrogance

The Spanish coach disappoints the whole of Spain; the only major team to fail to reach the quarter-finals with a lamentable performance
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PHOTO/AFP  -   Qatar World Cup match between Morocco and Spain

Luis Enrique's approach of not taking any risks to avoid Morocco's counter-attacks turned the match into a real bore for the spectator. Back pass, back pass and half of Spain asleep at 16:30. The other half in extra time was more of the same.  

It is true that Morocco gave up attacking because they had a team with less quality. But football is demonstrated every match on the pitch and the Africans showed that they had very clear ideas, worked very well together and with a lot of order

The Moroccan coach knew the Spanish team inside out and used them to plug any gaps that the Spanish team could exploit. In contrast, Luis Enrique showed he knew nothing about the Atlas Lions. In fact, after the match he asked where Morocco's number 8 had come from. A very arrogant attitude since the obligation of every coach or trainer in any league is to gather information about the teams they are going to face. But "Lucho goes too far" or allows himself the luxury of hesitating at a time of great sadness for the Spanish fans. 

Morocco deserved to win. They played the game that suited them and only managed to get two shots on Bono's goal in 120 minutes. A very poor performance for a team that wants to be in the top eight at the World Cup. 

Without going into the disputed list of 26 players, which many call a "list of pals" and of not bringing veterans to be the only protagonist, the team management was disastrous and had its culmination in the change of Nico Williams, the only player who overcame the Moroccan defence and created danger, for Sarabia with a minute to go plus injury time. Cold and without rhythm, he hit the post with a penalty. He does this to a 19 or 20 year old kid like Nico, not to a veteran, although the result is the same, a nonsense. 

Nor has he understood that the player with the most goals in the team, the only centre forward he has brought on, Morata, must play from the start. He didn't take him out of the starting line-up to bring on Asensio who played almost no part in the game, a willing Olmo who was never able to cope with Morocco's tidy defence and a case that only happens in our national team: having the son-in-law, the boyfriend of the coach's daughter, in the team even though he was a substitute at Barcelona and even though he was the worst player in the team match after match. 

He has not been consistent with the team used in the preparatory matches. The case of Eric García is very significant. He played everything until he arrived in Qatar. He didn't dare to start him and to do so he put Rodri, the player who has performed the best, out of position. Busquets couldn't do any more from the 30th minute onwards. Pedri didn't filter passes, nor did he overflow and Gavi only defended making foul after foul, giving oxygen to the Moroccan team. 

At the European Championship, we were told that Spain had done well. We lost in the semis on penalties. But the reality is that we won only one match, like in Qatar. We went through on penalties against Switzerland in the quarter-finals, we went through on penalties against Croatia in the last 16, we also drew against Sweden and Poland in the group stage. Touch and touch and more touch and more touch doesn't score goals and without goals you only draw or lose. 

We only beat Slovakia. ¡¡¡¡ It's a good Euro !!!! This World Cup we only beat Costa Rica. But this time the Spanish fans have hit rock bottom and they can't be fooled. It has been a real embarrassment. We have been the laughing stock of the world with a coach who has dedicated himself to dithering on social networks instead of doing a serious and orderly job. 

We faced a serious, disciplined and committed Morocco who could have scored against us and not even made it to extra time. They went for penalties with determination and knowing what they were going for against a group of kids infected by the arrogance of their coach. 

What we have seen in Qatar does not reflect the reality of Spanish football, it reflects the whim of Luis Enrique who took his national team, the one of the vacillating streamer, not the Spanish national team. 

He can't continue in the job for one more minute.  

Goodbye, you have brought Spanish football into disrepute. 

Congratulations and good luck, Morocco!