Mubadala: a future partner for the UAE

Global investment fund set up in UAE to generate long-term returns

PHOTO/WAM  -   Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Zayed at official ceremony

Mubadala Investment, the strategic investment arm of Abu Dhabi, is an active and innovative investor that deploys its capital across different parts of the globe, asset classes and sectors for the benefit of the UAE. The Mubadala investment fund is experiencing a sweet time entrepreneurially, in the past year 2021 it recorded the highest revenues in its history, assets under management increased by more than 16% to $284bn by the end of 2021. Net income rose to Dh122bn ($33.2bn) in 2021 from Dh72bn the previous year, the company said. The company's strong figures are supported by investment returns, monetisation of certain assets and new partnerships it struck last year.

Under Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the investment fund continues to amass a good financial base that looks to the future. "The company's achievements in 2021 demonstrated the impact that responsible investors can and should have in driving progress domestically and globally," Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said in the Chairman's Message released as part of the company's 2021 performance report, highlighting Mubadala's importance to the country's progress, adding: "Mubadala was established as a critical institution to help develop this national potential, and we are deeply proud that our investments have touched almost every aspect of the national social and economic fabric, thereby creating the dynamic platforms for people to thrive," as reported by the official Emirati news agency WAM. In this regard, Mubadala invested Dh125 billion during 2021 in key sectors in the UAE and abroad. 

The UAE's current Minister of Defence, Prime Minister and Vice President, Mohamed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has also highlighted the importance of the investment fund and how it has contributed to making the UAE a country that looks towards progress in different areas. "A powerful measure of Mubadala's impact is the fact that its activities, directly or indirectly, enable our citizens and the 200 nationalities that have made the Emirates their home, to contribute to our society and global progress in roles such as researchers, astronauts, artists, educators, doctors, engineers, technologists, clean energy experts and start-up entrepreneurs," said the Emirati leader, who added: "Our progress to date means that we are now beginning a new chapter as a nation."

PHOTO/WAM - Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Zayed at official ceremony

He also indicated that Mubadala is now calibrated to the country's long-term potential, focusing on sectors that will further enhance the knowledge-based economy, boost global progress and pioneer solutions to critical global challenges such as health innovation and climate emergency. 

Recent achievements across various Emirati ministerial portfolios such as Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Communications and Advanced Manufacturing demonstrate that the Mubadala investment group is succeeding in its operations.  "The company's achievements in 2021 demonstrated the impact that responsible investors can and should have in driving progress at home and around the world. They also make me deeply grateful for the steadfast commitment of Mubadala's talented people and dedicated partners in our country, region and beyond" stated Mohamed bin Rashid al-Maktoum in a message titled "Looking ahead to the next 50", in which the sheikh also highlighted the investment fund's achievements by highlighting the social change Mubadala has brought about in the country.

Last year 2021, the Mubadala investment fund completed a turnaround in business strategy to consolidate itself as Mubadala 3.0. As a major shareholder in the company, the Abu Dhabi government believes that international investors have a key role to play in decarbonising industries and ensuring global energy security. As part of the company's new strategy, the latest move has been to bid, together with CapVest, for the chocolate company Natra, valued at 600 million euros, according to the newspaper El Economista.