Online shopping to increase by 45% in Morocco by 2021

A large majority of Moroccans believe that the trend fuelled by the pandemic will continue
Compras online

PHOTO/ARCHIVO  -   Un usuario realiza un pago por internet

Internet shopping increased by 45% in 2021 compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 20.7 million transactions, a growth facilitated by the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Maghreb country. 

In a written parliamentary answer, the head of this ministerial department, Ryad Mezzour, reports the increase in this type of online transactions, which accounted for a total of 7.7 billion dirhams (732 million euros) that year, 28% more than in 2020. 

In his response, the minister stresses that the pandemic helped in this increase, as did the spread of smartphones and the increase in citizens' access to the internet. 

The minister refers to a survey conducted by the National Agency for Communications Regulation (ANRT), according to which 85% of citizens believe that the increase in the use of digital devices brought about by the pandemic will be perpetuated.  

According to ANRT, 93% of the population in Morocco has access to the internet via mobile or fixed line and the vast majority access the internet via their telephone. Fixed line subscriptions account for only 6.7 % of contracts.