The Three Cultures Foundation will devote the month of January to Israeli filmmaking

The Three Cultures Foundation will screen the films 'Learning to Live', 'Laces', and 'At a Glance'
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Israeli cinema is increasingly recognised internationally for both its quality and its prolific output. The film industry and exports are growing annually due to success abroad, in addition to the increase in foreign productions and co-productions being filmed in the country. 

The Israel Film Centre of the Ministry of Industry and Trade promotes filming in Israel by both local and foreign producers. And events such as the Israeli Film Festival, at cinematheques in Jerusalem, Haifa and Sderot, along with other festivals held abroad, are bringing Israeli cinema to the attention of an ever-widening circle of film enthusiasts. 

For these reasons, the Three Cultures Foundation will devote its Tuesday Film Festival in January to Israeli cinema. With the collaboration of the Israeli Embassy in Spain, the Foundation will screen the films 'Learning to Live', 'Laces', and 'At a Glance'.

Tuesday, 11th January, 20.30 h.

Learning to Live. Matan Yair. Israel, 2017, 94 min. 

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Asher is a hot-tempered, impulsive 17-year-old who is going through a difficult time in high school. While his father Milo urges him to work in the family business, his literature teacher wants him to focus on his studies for a better future. Torn between what he wants and what he should do, a sudden tragedy will make him decide and test his maturity.

Invitations for this film will be available from 12 noon on Wednesday 5 January.

Tuesday, 18 January, 20.30 h.

Laces. Jacob Goldwasser. Israel, 2018, 98 min 


Reuben's kidney is failing and his son Gadi wants to donate his to him. Although the transplant committee is against it, Gadi will not stop until he gets it.

Invitations for this film will be available from 12 noon on Wednesday 12 January.

Tuesday, 25 January, 20.30 h.

At a Glance. Daniel Syrkin, Israel, 2005, 86 min. 

a simple vista 

Ya'ara is blind, but she is also 24 years old, attractive, independent, self-confident and intelligent. She has just started her mathematics degree at Princeton University. Suddenly she receives the terrible news that her beloved cousin Talia has died. Talia could see for both of them and believed, proving to her cousin, that despite her blindness Ya'ara could see everything. Accompanying the family in the days of mourning or Shiv'ah, Ya'ara embarks on an investigation to uncover the secrets surrounding her cousin's death.

Invitations for this film will be available from 12 noon on Wednesday 19 January.

The Three Cultures Foundation has an appointment with the seventh art every non-festive Tuesday from 8.30 pm. This programme has monthly cycles distributed by theme, in which films that are not usually shown in commercial circuits are screened, many of them from international festivals and competitions