The writer Claudia Luna Palencia presents 'Ámbar', her new collection of poems in Madrid

The renowned Spanish-Mexican journalist publishes her fourth work by Jákara Editores, a compilation of poems written throughout her life
Presentación Ámbar

PHOTO  -   La escritora Claudia Luna Palencia presenta 'Ámbar' en la librería Juan Rulfo de Chamberí

The Spanish-Mexican writer, Claudia Luna Palencia, presented her new work, 'Ámbar', on Wednesday in Madrid. A compilation of poems written over the last two decades in which she brings together a collection of feelings and experiences captured in verse. In front of a packed house at the Juan Rulfo bookshop in Chamberí, the journalist presented the book and welcomed the readers gathered there. 

The presentation began after 6.30 p.m. in a location prepared for the occasion. The Madrid street of Fernando El Católico hosted an event full of sentimentality in which the poet recited live some of the most vibrant poems that make up her new work, among them 'Partículas' or 'Destino', remnants of a compilation that includes more than 60 poems written in up to four languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Presentación Ámbar
PHOTO  -  The writer Claudia Luna Palencia recites one of her poems during the presentation

The director of ATALAYAR, Javier Fernández Arribas, accompanied the Mexican writer at the event and introduced the author and her work in the city, to which she was returning after two years. It was a relaxed talk that brought the figure of Claudia Luna Palencia closer to those present. So much so that, during the event, the prestigious journalist opened up and shared some of the confidences and personal experiences that led her to publish the collection of poems. 

This is the fourth work published by Claudia Luna Palencia, this time by the Andalusian publishing house Jákara Editores. For the author, it has a special character, an intimate touch that makes its publication an event of greater personal significance, which can be a complex task, but not for the author, who is known for her mastery of different subjects. Claudia Luna Palencia is not only a journalist, but also an economist and expert in geoeconomics. 

Presentación Ámbar
PHOTO  -  ATALAYAR's director, Javier Fernández Arribas, in dialogue with Claudia Luna Palencia

In this sense, 'Ámbar' differs completely from her three previous books: 'En la órbita del dólar', 'La política del miedo' and 'El club de la naftalina'. In contrast to the rest of his work, this latest publication brings together fragments in verse dated from the early 1990s to the present day and written from a dozen American and European cities. Throughout the book, the author travels to Mexico City, Madrid, Malaga, Acapulco and Morelia, her city of birth. 

During her speech, Claudia Luna Palencia explained the reasons that led her to take the step of publishing 'Ámbar'. The pandemic and the ravages of COVID-19 were the definitive impetus for the author, who wanted to reclaim the lost romanticism in a period marked by vital losses and rawness. She then spoke of her references, Russian and British poetry of the 19th century. Although he singled out Lord Byron as his poet of choice. 

Presentación Ámbar
PHOTO  -  Journalist Claudia Luna Palencia recites one of her verses during the presentation

His romantic style shares the pages of the book with illustrations by Jorge Rando, a prominent painter and sculptor from Malaga with links to Germany. The artist is part of the neo-expressionist movement, and is one of the most prominent figures on the scene. A luxury company to put the finishing touch to 'Ámbar', the first collection of poems by Claudia Luna Palencia.