The resignation of a former PJD leader aggravates the party's internal crisis

The former Moroccan Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, as well as a member of the Justice

Algerian authorities detain Moroccan journalists sent to the Mediterranean Games

13 journalists were detained by Algerian customs authorities at Oran airport on Thursday 23 June.

EU grants candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, while Georgia is left behind

Ukraine is now an official candidate for EU membership.

Displaced people rise to 30,000 after 86 killed in Burkina Faso attack

The number of people displaced following the terrorist attack in northern Burkina Faso on the night of 11-12 June tha

The Spain-Morocco Forum in Dakhla: the participants highlight the stability and security of the region, as well as its economic potential

The Spain-Morocco Forum in Dakhla has been a key event for several public figures and representatives of various orga

Migration, a key factor in the economies of receiving countries

 Immigration is often seen as one of the main sources of social and economic problems that a receivi

New assault on the Melilla fence causes 18 deaths and hundreds of Moroccan policemen injured

Melilla has witnessed the first massive assault by immigrants since last March when Spain and Morocc

International community offers support to Afghanistan after the earthquake

The consequences of the 5.9 earthquake in Afghanistan are already being felt.

Chile regains its leadership position in CAF

During their visit to Chile, members of the senior management of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America - led by its

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