Sánchez will be the first European leader to discuss the peace plan for Ukraine with Xi Jinping

The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, will be the first European leader to meet with the Chinese preside

Saudi Arabia joins the Central Asian market as a "dialogue partner"
The latest lurches of US foreign policy in the Middle East region are bringing the Arab world and Central Asia closer together than they already were. Relations between Washington and Riyadh are not in good health and China, aware of this, has reached out to the Saudi kingdom to strengthen the union of the Gulf countries with the Central Asian region. Of all the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet republics - Riyadh, in a show of interest and support for the common cause of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, will proceed to improve relations with Iran, its biggest rival in the region and the region's second largest economic giant.
Algeria: the former head of the 2nd Military Region before the military court
The trial of Major General Hadj Laaroussi Djamel, former head of the 2nd Military Region (Western Algeria), accused of divulging secret documents and conspiracy against the army, opened on Thursday 23 March at the military court in Blida, 50 km south of Algiers. The trial is taking place behind closed doors and has been completely ignored by the Algerian media.
The Kremlin's parallel network for circumventing Western sanctions

Russia's economy is holding its own against all odds in the face of the Western trade siege.

A historic step towards inclusion: Hamza Yousaf, Scotland's first Muslim Prime Minister

Hamza Yousaf has been appointed First Minister of Scotland.

Latin America: an investment enclave for Spanish and Chinese companies
Latin America is a hub of investment and tourism attraction for China and Spain and, given this reality, the 6th NI HAO CONECTA (NHC) meeting focused on opportunities in terms of economy and foreign companies, with special emphasis on Spain and Asian markets.
Algerian parliament plans to certify new media law despite amendments

The Algerian government of Abdelmadjid Tebboune will maintain the texts of the draft of the new media law des

Tebboune visits France in early May on the urgent issue of migrants
During his state visit to France in the first ten days of May, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune will have to pass the formidable test of the issue of illegal immigrants. For all the indulgence he shows towards his Algerian counterpart, French President Emmanuel Macron cannot eliminate this burning issue from the planned discussions between the two sides.
Russia, Iran and a new long-term cooperation agreement

Moscow and Tehran redefine their future ties.

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